Air Duct Cleaning

THE CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION estimates that over 15,000 clothes dryer related fires occur each year. When was the last time you had your vents cleaned?

THE CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION estimates that more than 15,000 clothes dryer related fires occur annually. There was over 20 deaths, 320 injuries, as well as over $244 million in damaged property in recent years as stated by the commission. The most frequent place to begin for such fires was the dryer vent area. The dryer usually overheats, the lint then catches fire and of course the fire will certainly be helped by combustibles within the immediate vicinity. 

Luckily removing this danger from your own residence is not complicated, nor is it expensive. Additionally, there are actually added advantages to cleaning your dryer vents properly. Removing lint from the dryer, for instance, ends in a dryer that runs more economically efficient given that it uses less energy to make your clothes dry. The dryer can last longer since it's not, running at higher operating temperatures as a result of the lint buildup.

Dryer Fire Prevention:
Part of Duct Cleaning Services is to professionally clean your dryer vents to make sure they are up to code and are operating properly. Our attentive team of certified home restoration technicians will help to not only clean your dryer vents but save you money in energy efficiency. Cleaning your dryer vents regularly will prevent a dryer fire in your home.

Here is a list of common signs you should look out for to know when your air duct cleaning is needed:

•    Make sure to check for dark filtration lines on the walls, ceilings and carpet that are in close proximity to the vents.
•    Excessive dust, molds, mildews and buildup in the home or apartment
•    Fluctuation in temperature or air flow throughout your home or apartment
•    Increases in energy levels needed to operate the HVAC system at desired setting and room temperature.
•    Recent home remodeling or construction jobs
•    Dirty surfacing on vent covers
•    Observe your vents for water damage or flooding that occurred in the ductwork. This can cause sediment build up in your system and cause more damage.

Duct Cleaning Services inc, prides itself in being a full service air duct cleaning company that can serve as a being a useful resource for all your home restoration needs in air duct cleaning and dust removal. It is important to follow all the guidelines listed above for proper installation and cleaning methods as outlined by the EPA, Consumer Product Safety Commission and Duct Cleaning Services. For more information on how to schedule an appointment for an air quality assessment, give us a call.

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