Air Duct Cleaning

Having the right filtration for your home is important in removing the maximum amount of dust and contaminants possible. Filters help in capturing molds, dust, debris, and pet dander from entering your home and generally improves the over all air quality. Duct Cleaning Services recommends an Electrostatic filter to capture common airborne pollutants and maximize air flow at the same time.

Electrostatic Filters: 
Electrostatic filtration cleans the air by utilizing static electricity. Airborne particles bind to the filter from the static charge, until released by washing and cleaning. The natural method of static electricity works by trapping the dust particles directly into filter like a magnet. This ultimately improves air flow and at the same time provide maximum filtration. This sort of filtration system has the capability to capture as much as 95% of most particles that flow through the air filter.
Electrostatic filters are superior quality filters for indoor air and overall health. Not only does it improve air quality but it also helps reduce your electric bills while increasing energy efficiency. It is worth the investment to own an electrostatic filtration system. Electrostatic Air Filters not only provide superlative filtering but improve air flow as well. They are very effective in removing dirt and dust particles that are a major cause of HVAC system failure and chronic respiratory illnesses. 

Electrostatic filters are easy to take care of and require only consistent washing with water and soap. The furnace filter is designed to catch particles and strip them from the air before passing through the vent and further from air which you and your family breathe.

No harmful emissions into the ozone
Decreases pollen, dust and airborne particles and pollutants
Less dusting and housecleaning
Filters never needs replacing
anti-microbial filter for cleanliness and less bacteria reproduction
high particle and dust holding capacity
Removal of human hair up to 70 microns
Low sub-micron- dust, pet dander, bacteria and smoke fumes
Easy maintenance and cleaning
Lifetime Warranty
Failure to properly clean your filter may lessen the overall effectiveness of your filter. Most commonly, excessive dirt buildup to cause restriction of air flow and may even cause sufficient damage to other ventilation components. Duct Cleaning Services recommends taking off the air filter and rinse with water in other direction of air flow arrows then rinse the opposite side as directed every couple weeks.


To remove stubborn stains, Duct Cleaning Services recommends using ZAP! Electrostatic Air Filter Cleaner, for removal of lint, dust and other debris. This cleaner is specifically designed for electrostatic filters. Make sure you also acquire a soft scrub brush, a vacuum with soft brush attachment and running water. Once you remove the filter follow these steps:
Take it to an area with running water, preferably outdoors.
Use the vacuum with brush attachment and remove the dust and lint gently while the filter is still dry
 Turn filter over and spray water through the filter in the opposite direction of air flow
Spray ZAP! Cleaner and use a soft brush to gently remove dirt stains.
Allow filter to air dry before reinstalling

Duct Cleaning Services recommends using The ELECTRA GOLD filter. This unique filter provides over 94% Arrestance or (filtering capacity). This filter is encased within a durable extruded aluminum, gold frame.In the center of the filter are three layers of high filter capacity material pressed between 2 layers of expanded steel. The ELECTA GOLD is as an EPA registered anti-microbial filter that inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria to maximize filtration and cleanliness. 

ELECTRA GOLD filters are rated by independent testing laboratory at over 94% peak filter capacity. This filter has 10 times the filter capactity of a disposable fiberglass filters.

ELECTRA GOLD filter includes:
Lifetime warranty
Extra Durable 1” Gold Frame
Permanent No Replacement washable filters
165 grams high dust holding capacity
MERV rating of 8
UV resistant

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